Free yourself

We are not a Ltd., have no employees and do not have any loans or significant capital. Sebastiaan Kral, the founder of this unique company, did not grow up in German culture and has no business training. But we do have something essential, something untamed and wild - a passion that keeps coming up like a weed, regardless of the obstacles that stand in our way.


Once you've caught the scent of the potential of wild fragrances, it is hard to resist the call. Wild plants possess ancient knowledge of how to compose with aromatic molecules with which they seduce, protect, soothe and communicate. This makes them true masters of survival, and at the same time, true spreaders of joy.


Bring positive vibes into your life, whether from enchanting, sensual flowers or from trees behaving as a supportive collective. Give your attention to children, parents, and friends. Let yourself be touched. Let refreshing winds from the Alps flow into your living room. Massage your feet before bedtime with a deeply rooted understanding of the night. Carry scents like a talisman with you and feel embraced and protected.


We want to become shamelessly rich. Super-rich. But not exclusively for ourselves – we want wealth for all living beings for the next seven human generations to come. To achieve this, we need fertile grounds, which in turn require a great biodiversity. Our oils are crafted by pioneers, individuals dedicated to an honest and free lifestyle. They herd meadows and forests, harvesting only what is offered in abundance.