Over the coming years we would like to build up a product range of pure natural essential oils, ..


The picking of wild plants must be done very thoughtfully, at a safe distance from polluting agriculture and traffic, with great care for continuity, so that the wealth of flowers and plants in the following years is exactly as large.


We want to work with distillers, who have a personal bond with the wild plants in their environment and a personal relationship with the pickers. Almost all oils will be extracted from the plants by means of steam distillation, although pressing, enfleurage and CO2 extraction will also be explored as options.


In the entire chain, transportation must be green, starting with the parcel delivery to your home and the transport from the distillers to daswilde. Packaging materials must be manufactured from sustainable bio-degradable materials. We would like to see that the picking is done with the help of green machines and of course we want to change our car with diesel-engine for an electronic car as soon as possible.

The price

An important part of the price paid by the end user comes from production. The pickers, distillers and oil pressers need to earn a fair wage in order to work thoughtfully and clean and also to invest in knowledge and equipment. The same applies to the makers of the glassware, the closures and the labels. Another big part goes to logistics and communication. There must be green and efficient transport and the products must be purchased and sold with great care, knowledge and love. The more we know and can tell about the plants, the more we can meet the actual needs of the clients. The last part you can call the profit, the abundance. And that has to flow in three directions; the protection of the wild nature, the promotion of sustainable agriculture and the harmonious coexistence with nature in the urban area.


Unfortunately, essential oils are not yet offered by distillers in fully recyclable or biodegradable packaging. The problem is to find a good alternative for the plastic cap and the plastic dropper. We will explore whether these can be manufactured from sustainable materials and at the same time we are researching whether it is possible to reuse the bottles, cap and dropper, and perhaps to offer refills.


We want the best, healthiest, purest, most honest and most sustainable oils and will constantly monitor the quality and origin.